Covid safe Therapy at Home!

John Rossi

I offer Hypnosis  -  Stress Reduction  &  

Myofascial Self Care Sessions

Through Zoom!



Although my office is as safe as it can possibly be . . . and much safer than almost anywhere else you might go these days, frankly even safer than your doctor’s office (view here for the list of my safety protocols) you may not want to, or be able to come into the office right now.


If you are not comfortable coming into the office at this time . . . for any reason . . . perhaps you are in quarantine . . . or for any other reason . . . even a snowstorm.


I can still help!


In fact, like many, you may need relief now more than ever!


I am doing Hypnosis sessions and Myofascial Release Self Care sessions online. From the comfort of your home.  Although there’s nothing like hands on care, these sessions are very effective and can further your improvements until you feel OK coming back into the office.

I can even teach your housemate or loved one how to do some hands on work!


If you have any questions or would like to talk about Therapy at Home services . . . feel free to give me a call . . .  After all . . . half of the world is doing life online these days . . . Just don’t allow yourself not to get the healing you need . . .


As always I am here for you.

Call me.