What is Ear Candling?

Ear Candling


Ear Candling is a therapy that has been around and used successfully since the days of old. With more and more people looking for safe and effective treatments, many of the old remedies are being re-discovered and ear candles have been making a comeback. Even Oprah and Dr. Oz have highlighted them on their shows! In my family we always had a set of pre-made candles and the pot of wax up in the cabinet. When sheets got old they were cut up to make the candles. Every so often on a rainy Sunday we’d cover the kitchen table with newspaper, put the wax pot on the double boiler and make up a bunch. So whenever anyone in the family, a friend or neighbor needed them, they would be ready.


So What is an Ear Candling  Healing Session?

I combine traditional Ear Candling with CranioSacrial, Myofascial Release and Energy Medicine therapies to provide a full body healing that offers releif from many symptoms and conditions, sometimes in just one session! Often, however, the symtoms that bring you to seeking an ear candling session are indicating a deeper need . . .this simple techneque and these therapies can get to the bottom of many health issues that have been difficult for traditional medical modalities to address or even explain. I can promise you this . . . At the very least after one session you will feel more relaxed and settled . . . many times clients come away from their first Ear Candling Healing Session with a sense that they have found the missing therapy they have been seeking all along!  

Ear Candling

The cone shaped “candle” is placed gently into the ear canal and the top end is ignited. (see picture above) When the cone is ignited, it creates a gentle upward vacuum that suctions wax, dead skin and other toxic substances from the ear canal and into the lower portion of the candle. While the candle is doing it’s work, I apply a soft and gentle energy that soothes and settles the entire body while helping to support the immune system. Many have experienced relief from these symptoms after an Ear Candling session: Ear Ache Sinus Pressure Sore Throat Waxy Buildup Swimmers Ear Hearing Impairment, Headache, Cranial Pressure & Discomfort and many other symtoms and conditions, some that would suprise you!


At the very least, the Ear Candling Healing Session session provides a state of complete relaxation (Especially good to do before and after flying!) This is a non-invasive alternative method for clearing the ears, sinuses, and Eustachian tubes. While it has been shown to provide great relief from the symptoms listed above, it is in no way meant to replace necessary medical treatment or the advice of your Doctor. That said, an Ear Candling Healing Session is a great solution for the winter cold blues! It’s a safe and gentle way to nurture yourself, relieve pain and discomfort, and provide a much needed boost to your immune system throughout the year!