Pricing / Payments


I will often combine more than one modality in a session . . . depending on the client’s needs. 
For this reason, and in the interest of simplicity, my fees are charged  per session and not modality. This allows me the freedom to use all my skills to best serve my clients. 
My session fees are . . . .


60 Minute session – $120.00


90 Minute session – $160.00 *temporarily not available


Credit card payments accepted here in advance of session *temporarily not available


If you wish pay with a credit card – use the buttons below and then schedule  – Or just pay with cash or check at the time of your session –  No credit card payments will be accepted in the office  

60 Min Therapy Session


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90 min Therapy Session


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Something to Consider :

I am often asked if my services are covered by insurance.I


The answer can be a little complicated. 


The first thing to know is that I do not submit to and become rembersed by insurance companies. 


However . . . Many times a client’s Doctor or Chiropractor will write a script for this kind of work.


What I do is to  give a paid reciept . . . an accounting of the visits, the costs and a brief discription of the work that we did together.


I have a form that includes a diagnostic code. I send these to you and you submit them to your insurance company.


The insurance company may then reimberse the you directly.  Auto insurance companies will often reemnerse more redilly than health insurance companys for this work as well.

In addition, the accounting of the work we do together can be considered in your year end taxes.


I ask you to also  . . . Consider this!


If you were to receive treatment for any of the conditions listed in this website, under most plans of traditional insurance policies, you would still be required to pay a deductible.


After that deductible has been met, the policy usually only pays 70% of the fees.


Whether these services be Drugs, Surgery or traditional Physical Therapy.


Many times the Myofascial Release therapy is less than the total of the deductible plus the 30% not covered by the policy  . . .  enough to cover sessions for quite a long time .


Most importantly . . . In most cases for the conditions listed here, these types of therapies are more effective, providing much needed return to pain free and active living!