My Story

John Rossi

My journey to becoming a therapist began when I was 15 years old.


It was Thanksgiving night. I had locked myself out of the house, and was walking to a nearby diner to call my folks. But I never made it . . .


A car hit me on my left side and threw me in the air with so much force that my head whacked square into a road sign and I sustained a major head trauma.


The next thing I knew, I was waking up in the hospital the next morning - which gave a whole new meaning to “Black Friday!”


If you’ve ever experienced a major trauma, you know that the road to recovery can be slow and winding, without a clear end in sight.


I spent weeks in “official” recovery in the hospital and at home, but 5 years later, I was still having major problems.


Doctors told me they couldn’t find a reason or solution for my pain, so they gave me prescription medication and sent me on my way.


I didn’t want to pop pills my whole life. I knew there was a better solution out there.


I tried every alternative therapy I could find. Massage and chiropractic helped some, but the benefits were only temporary. I still lived a very limited life. The pain and stiffness made some activities almost impossible.


As for that whack on the head from the road sign . . . Neuroscience wasn’t as advanced then as it is now, but it became clear years later that I was managing the results of major head trauma, including anxiety and depression.


This led to self-medication with drugs and alcohol. I didn’t know that was what I was doing—I just wanted to feel better!


I’ve been sober for over 26 years, but I remember exactly what it’s like to be in that situation.


And that childhood car accident wasn’t my only one!


As an adult, I got rear-ended by a tractor-trailer. (Thankfully, I was in a car at the time.)


That accident was a blessing in disguise.


After that second accident, I found a practitioner of Myofascial Release. I also found a practitioner of Energy Medicine (Reiki, to be more specific).


Finding these therapies saved and changed my life!


I had finally found something that worked to heal my pain, and got to the root of the problems I’d been having for years.


I started reading everything I could get my hands on. After years of self-study—and testing the patience of many practitioners with my endless questions—I went to school to become a therapist myself.


I knew I could help other people who were struggling and in pain. The cure for my own pain was so transformative that I felt it in my bones: I had to help others change their lives. It was my calling.


Over the years, I have earned the following degrees and certifications:

  • Expert Level Status in the John F. Barnes method of Myofascial Release
  • A diploma from the four-year Energy Medicine Practitioner Program at the Institute of Healing Arts & Sciences in Bloomfield, CT
  • Special study in “The Pathwork,” the teachings of Louise Hay and Core Energetics body/mind psychology
  • Massage therapy certificate and Licence in PA and DE
  • NLP master practitioner and consulting Hypnotherapist certificate




My work is focused on holistic treatment of body and mind.


As Dr. Andrew Weil said, “All illness and disease is psychosomatic.” Psychosomatic simply means mind/body. Dr. Weil’s point is that all illness affects both; it’s all connected!


Over the decades that I’ve been in practice, I’ve found that MFR, hypnosis and NLP are the perfect compliment to reducing or eliminating pain in the body and mind. They prepare the body to navigate change, reduce stress, and pave the way for a pain-free life.




I am a healer.


I engage in the work necessary to ensure that my clients return to a life with wholeness of mind, body, and spirit. I also teach classes and workshops in the healing arts, for both therapists and clients.


My purpose is to empower as many people as I can to heal, and experience true wellbeing.


Be of good cheer! I’ve been where you are now, and I can help you.