Referral Program

We are Re-Starting our Refer a Friend Program! 

Heres how it Works in 3 Easy Steps

  • Step 1. You tell a Friend in need about how Myofascial release and how Touch of Light Health has Helped you!

  • Step 2. You give them one of my business cards and tell them to be sure to mention that they came to me from talking to you! (be sure to write your name on the back!)

  • Step 3. Save some Cash! – You save $25 on your next session! – Your friend saves $25 on their first session!

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So tell your friends how they can get relief from their stiffness aches and pains and all that other stuff folks need relief from . . . With Myofascial Release! We rely on word of mouth referrals for much of our business. If you enjoyed your experience with us, please tell your friends by sharing this email on your social networks or forwarding to their email address.


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We appreciate your support!