What is energy medicine?

Many more people are becoming familiar with the term Energy Medicine . . . or at least heard it or something about it . . . let me just say . . .


Energy Medicine is very normal and natural. It’s as natural as a Mom rubbing a child’s back when they come in from the playground with a scraped knee. She tells the child to take a deep breath and relaxes him. She tells him that he is OK. She soothes him with her caress. And sometimes she even kisses the boo boo to make it better.


This is basic Energy Medicine!
It’s innately a part of all of us.

healing touch

No, that's not me . . . it's Mr Miagi from the movie the Karate Kid! Although he is very cool. . . I'm not nearly that cool. The point is you don't have to be  a movie karte guru in deep training  in order to receive or benefit from Energy Medicine.

Now you take that natural human healing ability, and you combine with it the skills garnered through the wisdom of the ancients. Then add the knowledge and clarity that the latest science provides us . . . You have Energy Medicine as we are seeing it practiced today.


Energy Medicine is a collaboration between practitioner and client to return the body and mind to a state of natural harmony and balance, which helps restore patterns of energy that promote optional health.


It is a field that is expansive with a wide variety of specialties. There are those who work with the general biofield such as Therapeutic Touch and Reiki, there are those who work with the meridians such as in acupuncture and acupressure, there are those who work with the chakras as well.


There is also the specialty of Energy Psychology, which takes into account the thoughts, events and emotions of the person being treated and how that may play a role in their healing. There’s EFT which works with key points of a few meridians to support a psychological change and healing.


The W.I.S.E. Method in which I am trained and certified, encompasses elements of almost all these approaches, combining a heart centered body, mind & Spirit approach. This approach allows me, as the practitioner, to meet a client where he or she is, and to serve them accordingly.


By moving the energies within the body, the healing begins to take place, and that by coming to understand what beliefs may have helped support the development of the disorder, the ability to lessen the chance for a recurrence takes place. Fear, anger, abandonment, loneliness and other emotional problems can be helped at this time also and the body feels the difference in the release.


If a client is open, I have a world of approaches to present as a result of solid years of personal transformation and extensive, in-depth training.

What are the Energy Sessions like?

The treatments are subtle and relaxing while at the same time very powerful and profound. Although the work is performed on a massage table, if receiving an Energy Session alone, no traditional massage occurs. (Although some combination sessions are available) Clients are clothed and can generally expect light touch starting at the feet and following a pattern that is concluded usually at the head. The basic treatment balances and re-aligns the energetic body from feet to crown and works to clear away energetic blockages and congestion that may have developed as the result of life’s normal tensions, past physical or emotional trauma, or limiting beliefs. The basis of this work is that health and wellness is our natural state and this Full Body Balance process seeks to return you to your natural state of harmony and well being.

Why Choose an Energy Session?

This work provides a great source of relief from a wide array of health challenges ranging from headaches, backaches, and menstrual discomfort or simply feeling “out of sorts” to chronic and more serious conditions such as Fibromyalgia, Lyme’s disease and addictions.


Clients have found that the work complements other healing modalities such as Chiropractic and Massage. We often hear from clients and practitioners alike, how this work has positively impacted the results from other treatments and provided accelerated improvement